Gluten Free Recipes

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Super-seedy salad with tahini dressing

This veggie salad recipe is packed with prebiotic goodness from the resistant starch in the seeds and finished with a tangy tahini-yogurt dressing
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Bean & barley soup

Low-fat, vegetarian and super-healthy, this filling one-pot lunch or dinner is packed with chickpeas, butter beans and pearl barley.
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Creamy chicken & asparagus braise

This delightfully summery, low-calorie, low-fat dish packs in plenty of greens and has a yogurt, tarragon and garlic sauce    
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Mango and prawn rice noodle salad

Check out our quick and easy noodle salad recipe with fresh king prawns, sweet and juicy mango and crunchy veggies. This super bright salad is low in calories and ready in 25 minutes – an easy midweek meal for the family

Living a Gluten-Free Lifestyle With Isagenix

New to living a gluten-free lifestyle? You’re not alone. In fact, more people are seeing the need to avoid gluten. But did you know gluten is not as scary as you may think? Gluten is the name for the proteins found in grains like wheat,…
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Ginger Polenta Cake

Ginger gives this gorgeous gluten-free cake a delicious kick. Enjoy it over a cuppa with friends
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Chocolate and Hazelnut Cake

Can't imagine making a cake without flour? Ground nuts are the perfect substitute in this scrumptious gluten-free chocolate extravaganza
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Lemon Cheese Polenta Cakes

This quick cake recipe with a cream cheese and lemon filling is like a small Italian cheesecake. It's perfect for afternoon tea and is also gluten-free!
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Jammy Coconut Squares

These delicious gluten-free squares have a surprise ingredient - potatoes! Full of the delicious sweetness of jam and coconut, and under 300 cals a slice, these little cakes are a gem