Isagenix 9 Day Cleanse

Isagenix 9 day system

Great healthy weight loss and overall health by replenishing the body with ultimate nutrition and supporting the body’s own detoxification.

9 Day Fat Burning & Nutritional Cleansing Program

Get weight loss and cleansing off to a fast start with the 9-day supply of the Cleansing and Fat Burning System. Seven pounds is the average weight loss for people using the Cleanse and Fat Burning System for nine days.* The five nutritional components of the system help you cleanse while infusing your body with premium nutrients for optimum health and safe weight loss. Stimulant free*. 

The Isagenix 9 day cleanse provides a safe, natural and effective way to accelerate your weight loss results, and start your journey to optimum health.

The 9-Day System was the original program recommended by Isagenix Master Formulator John Anderson. It is a more ambitious approach to weight loss requiring a higher level of commitment, but an excellent choice for those seeking to jump-start their weight loss or overcome a plateau. It involves starting a minimum of two Shake Days, followed by two consecutive Deep Cleanse Days. On Deep Cleanse Days, you will be consuming Cleanse for Life, liquid or powder, mixed according to instructions four times throughout the day.

You the 9 day cleanse you may experience:

  • Lose Weight Fast (clinically proven results)
  • More Energy for Longer
  • Improves Muscle Tone
  • Better Mental Clarity & Focus
  • Balanced Digestion
  • Reduce Food Cravings

Isagenix 9 Day Fat Burning & Nutritional Cleansing Program Introduction Video

The Isagenix 9 day cleanse is a gentle, 100% natural & clinically proven whole-body fat burning cleanse, scientifically designed & formulated for fast results.

Isagenix 9-Day Deep Cleansing and Fat Burning System™ Product List:

  • Cleanse for Life® – Cleanse for Life® is neither a laxative nor a diuretic, but rather a whole-body nutritional cleansing drink formulated with natural ingredients shown to
    support your body’s ability to cleanse toxins that cause oxidative stress. Cleanse for Life is essential for Cleanse Days, but can also be enjoyed as an everyday drink, and provides the nourishment, antioxidants, and support for healthy detoxification.†
  • IsaLean® Shake – IsaLean® Shake is one of the core pillars of the Isagenix Cleansing and Fat Burning System. It is a delicious, complete meal replacement with 24 grams of high-quality whey and milk protein, energy-fueling carbohydrates, good fats, filling fiber, and a full array of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes packed in under 300 calories per shake. When used as part of a system, this clinically tested, low-glycemic meal keeps you feeling full longer and helps you lose unwanted fat while maintaining your lean muscle.This delicious proprietary formula, available in both IsaLean Shakes and Soups, delivers dense nutrition. Replacing two meals a day with an IsaLean Shake while on an Isagenix Cleansing and Fat Burning System enables you to easily reduce your caloric intake without sacrificing nutritional needs. IsaLean Shake helps form the foundation of your weight-loss program, and once you’ve reached your weight-loss goals, replacing one to two meals a day will help you maintain your weight and performance.
  • Natural Accelerator™ – Natural Accelerator™ naturally aids the body’s metabolism to help you burn fat without the “jitters.”
  • Isagenix Snacks™ – These chocolate, vanilla, or berry wafers contain a perfect balance of nutrients in minimal calories. Isagenix Snacks™ offer support on Cleanse and Shake Days by helping take the edge off hunger just enough to banish cravings.
  • e+™ – A flavorful energy boost with a scientifically supported blend of botanicals formulated to help you feel refreshed, energized and mentally alert. e+ is infused with a host of healthy ingredients to fire up your athletic performance without artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors.

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Why Should I Cleanse?

Today most toxins are unavoidable, they are in the food we eat and the water we drink, as well as the air we breathe.

As well as the thousands of chemicals, colors, additives and preservatives used in our food, we are exposed to toxins in our home, at work and whenever we go outside.

In today’s world, toxins are unavoidable – they are in the food we eat and the water we drink, as well as the air we breathe.

As well as the thousands of chemicals, colors, additives and preservatives used in our food, we are exposed to toxins in our home, at work and whenever we go outside. Those toxins are often stored in our fat and stick around for years.


Q: Why do I need to cleanse?

A: Cleansing helps kick-start your body’s detoxifcation systems. Isagenix 30 day Cleanse for Life is specially formulated to provide your body the nourishment it needs while ridding your body of harmful impurities.

Q: What should I expect during the first few days of my journey?

A: During the first week of your journey, be patient with your body and understand it’s the beginning of a transformation. The introduction of nutritious and scientifically supported Isagenix products will begin to give your body what it has been craving. The products will help you prepare for an efficient weight-loss journey. If you follow your system as recommended, you should begin to see results and feel the difference

Q: Should I still cleanse if I’m exercising?

A: Yes, you should follow the recommended cleanse schedule for your Isagenix 30 day System. However, on Cleanse Days, we recommend you minimize your physical activity. If you choose to be active, do so with moderation and rely on using Replenish, IsaDelight Plus, and Isagenix Snacks to help you get through the day. It may also prove helpful to go to bed earlier on Cleanse Days to avoid the urge for late-night snacking.

Q: If I’m not hungry can I skip a meal or shake?

A: We recommend you not skip a meal or IsaLean Shake even though you might not feel hungry, your body needs ongoing nourishment. Wait a while to see if you begin to feel hungry, but always ensure you consume your 2 IsaLean Shakes and 1 meal on every Shake Day.

Q: Can I add fruit to my IsaLean Shake?

A: You can customize your Isagenix 30 day System to meet your needs. Keep in mind that adding to your Isalean Shake increases the caloric intake.

Q: If I feel tired or have a headache, should I discontinue my System?

A: It is not uncommon when cleansing or changing your normal eating habits to experience side effects. These can include, headache, fatigue, or constipation. First, try to drink more water or eat a snack. Fatigue and a headache are often signs your body is not getting enough water, or you might be experiencing low blood sugar.

Q: Can I deep cleanse more than two consecutive days?

A: Cleansing two consecutive days can help you maximize your weight-loss goals, but you should never cleanse more than two days in a row.

Q: I’m a very active person and I have even been progressively increasing my workouts during my program. Should I eat more if I’m hungry?

A: There are several things you can do. We recommend you switch out one or both of your IsaLean Shakes with IsaLean PRO, or add a scoop of IsaPro to your IsaLean Shake. This will increase your protein and caloric intake safely. The extra protein will fuel your body with nutrients and calories your body needs when working out.

Q. Are all of Isagenix products organic?

A. As part of our promise to provide no-compromise products, we use the highest-quality raw materials. Isagenix does prefer to use organic ingredients whenever available—and we do so in many of our products. Not all ingredients, however, are organic due to un-availability. As always, we thoroughly inspect our products to ensure safety, purity, and potency.

Q. What is IsaLyte™ and why is it included in many of your products?

A. Over the many years of industrialization and continual use of our farmlands, our food supply has become progressively depleted of vitamins and minerals, as well as trace minerals that are important for good health and needed for many functions of the body. IsaLyte™ is a special proprietary blend of more than 70 organic ionic trace minerals extracted from an ancient plant deposit by use of purified water and no heat. The end result is a clear gold liquid that provides you with one of the most superior nutritional supplements in the world.

Q. I am a lacto-vegetarian. Which Isagenix products are lacto-vegetarian friendly?

A. Almost all Isagenix products are lacto-vegetarian friendly.