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Welcome to Abundant Energy’s Isagenix Freedom Opportunity. We’re glad you’re here. You have found the best direct sales company in the world!

If you’re worried about job security, interested in extra income opportunities or looking for a change in your professional career, your worries stop here. Isagenix can help you redefine your life.

Would you like to make money and build a real business with Isagenix?

  • Would you like to get your products for free?
  • Do you want  to earn enough money to pay off your car or house?
  • Would you like to be in a position to be able to quit your day job?

If you answered yes then you are n the right place!

ALL THIS AND MORE IS POSSIBLE with the Isagenix compensation plan.

Isagenix is fast become one of the most exciting business opportunities in the world to earn money and to create a freedom income… and for good reason.

Not only does Isagenix provide a range of complete systems to cleanse, detoxify and improve your overall health. But the compensation plan that is put in place can truly give you the opportunity to make a lucrative income.

Isagenix and Network Marketing

Network Marketing is one of the greatest opportunities available today for people to want to create a home based, or freedom/borderless business.

The Isagenix compensation plan is setup in a way that it makes it simple for you to create your own organisation which becomes an income generating asset.

It all starts with sharing the business vision with a few people, who will also do the same.

With the power of maths, your network exponentially grows while everyone who is involved generates income.

Whether you decide to share Isagenix for the health benefits, or whether you decided to share the Isagenix business model – it is effectively the same thing. The more people you help make money, the more money you make.

It’s a truly abundant business model where it’s all about helping others achieve their goals, which helps you achieve yours.

So how do I make money and create another source of income?

Hopefully by now this is what you are wanting to find out about. How do you make money, that can potentially replace your full time income, or just supplement your job and improve your life. Or the lives of those around you. The choice is yours, which is what this is all about.


Benefits of being part of the our successful Isagenix team such as ours…

We make things as simple as possible for you to be able to share what Isagenix is all about. Both the transforming benefits of the products and systems, and also the lucrative and life changing compensation plan that is setup.
As a member of the team you will have access to:

  • Weekly product information and exclusive content, print materials
  • Three-way calls with you, a potential prospect, and a senior team member to provide support and help you answer questions
  • Weekly webinar on sales strategies and tactics to grow your business
  • Facebook support groups to help answer potential customers’ questions and boost your sales and income
  • Ongoing online education programs, tools and training
  • Ongoing support from other Isagenix team members

If you are enrolled by us at AbundantEnergy you will also get exclusive access to our “Members Only” business Facebook site & business forum (coming soon!).

Here you will literally be able to share and learn with other team members people.

This business is simply about sharing the vision of freedom with others just like you.

Becoming an Isagenix associate

Isagenix has a simple method you can use to jump-start your new Isagenix business.

It’s called You + Two – Them + 2  

  • Write down the names of two people who are enthusiastic, success-minded, want freedom from their jobs, want to earn extra money.
  • Present them with this opportunity
  • Let them know that if they can do the same, they will earn money.
  • This becomes the foundation of your team
  • Rinse and Repeat

You Share, They Share & RepeatYou Share They Sare - Make Money With Isagenix

This very powerful formula has a viral effect.

Not only do you get commission from the people that you enrol.

But you get exactly the same commission from the people THEY enroll, and the people that THOSE people enrolled and so on and so on.


Get Your Isagenix Products Paid for And More

The image below shows how much you enrol from the Up front bonuses that you immediately get when you enrol someone. These are called “Product Introduction Bonuses”.

You Share - They Share


Earn Money Multiple Ways


There is many different ways in which Isagenix pays you money and commission. There is more detailed information available but here are the main ones.


  • Cycles – You earn money every time someone in your network orders products
  • Product Introduction Bonuses  (up front bonus for enrolling someone)
  • Team bonuses (when someone in your team advances you get rewarded)
  • Executive matching team bonuses
  • Promotions and incentives


Together, you and Isagenix can go as far as you want.


It is vitally important that you join a successful team that is already making money. Click Here to Find Out Why…



If this is something you might be interested in then get in touch with us by filling in the form below or by phone  1-250-421-1076

Anyone can do this!

You might be thinking this sounds super easy… or you might be thinking this sounds like alot of effort.

At the end of the day, the exact same opportunity is laid out for anyone to create a source of income.

It must be noted that this is NOT a get rich quick scheme. You do need to put in effort like any business or profession. But the results speak for themselves and rather than trading hours for dollars like you do in a 9-5 job, you can build an asset that gives you recurring payments while you work, sleep and play.

Income that can replace your job, give you an early retirement, help your family, pay off your car, pay off your house, travel the world and get paid.

Whatever it is that you think extra money can give you to you – you can create it.


We sincerely hope you can join this journey of health and freedom with us. If you have any questions or want more information don’t hesitate to contact us.

Bob & Andreja Scanland

 Bob & Andreja Scanland, have been helping people lose unwanted body fat & build lean muscle for the past 6 years. They embarked on their journey starting with themselves and using a Nutritional Cleansing & Replenishing program through Isagenix, and completely transformed their lives!!

Read More of their story…



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