Featured Isagenix 100 To 200 Ib Club Success Story

Business Major Drops 101 Pounds* of “Fat Baggage” and Picks Up Residual Income

No matter what he did, Jesse could never lose what he called his “fat baggage.” Even after all the diets and competitive football and swimming in high school, his weight never dropped below 230 pounds. When he left for college, the “baggage” became even heavier once the stress of being on his own mixed with the typical college life of partying and fast food. For Jesse, the ubiquitous “freshman 15” turned into the “freshman 40,” and by sophomore year the former athlete was close to 300 pounds.

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Jesse D.

More 100 To 200 Ib Club Success Stories

Former Architect Rebuilds Body, Income and Life With Isagenix

When Alex arrived in America, the first word he learned in English was “husky.” In his late teens he was able to manage his weight with exercise and bodybuilding, but his health would take a back seat to the responsibilities of adulthood. As a successful architect in Manhattan, Alex succumbed to the typical downfalls of a demanding career: stressful 80-hour weeks, takeout meals and very little exercise. The then 57-year-old soon reached 304 pounds. When a friend introduced him to Isagenix®, it wasn’t weight Alex wanted to shed.

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Alex K.

Mother of Nine Uses Isagenix to Climb to the Top

The day Kerry decided to go on a hike with her family was the day she realized she needed to make a change. As three of her nine kids ran around full of energy, Kerry could barely keep up, let alone breathe. When her eldest son asked her if she was okay, and she responded that she was not, Kerry was shocked, and scared by his response, “Mom, if anything happens to you, I can’t carry you down the Mountain. You’re too heavy.” 

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Kerry S.

Mom Ditches Sweat Pants and the Couch For Bikinis and Biking

Amber never really saw it happening. Over the course of a decade the mother of five’s weight had slowly crept up until she couldn’t even jump anymore. Before gaining more than 100 pounds, Amber used to lifeguard and play volleyball. The former athlete tried different things like eating healthier to lose the weight but nothing seemed to work. She began avoiding situations where her weight came under scrutiny until she wasn’t living much of a life.

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Amber M.

One Man’s Return to Living a Life of Purpose

Life for David L. was just not going well. By his late 30s, his health had declined and he was more than 100 pounds overweight. Illness confined him to two years of bed rest. “Before Isagenix® I was very sick,” recalls David, “I was battered and beaten by illness. I had lost considerable muscle mass after two years in bed.”

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David L.