How much does the Isagenix program cost?


Isagenix Cost – Pricing in the USA

USA: 30 Day Weight loss Program

Wholesale US$272 + Tax  (With Membership) Membership cost $29 per year.

 Retail US$383 + Tax

Presidents Pack 

Wholesale US$559 + Tax (With membership)

Retail US$743.00 + Tax  


Isagenix Cost – Pricing in Canada

30 Day Weight Loss Program /Athlete pack/ Healthy Aging 

Wholesale $295 CND   with membership (membership cost $29 per year)

Retail $383 CND

Presidents Pack

Wholesale $599 CND (with membership)

Retail $829 CND


Isagenix Cost – Pricing in Australia

Australia :30 Day Weight loss Program

Retail AU$446 +GST = AU$ 490.59  

Wholesale $326 + GST = AU$358.59 membership is AU$25

Australia Presidents Pack (Best deal)

Retail AU$750.20 

Wholesale $588.50 (With membership) Membership cost $25 per year.

Fun Fact :Isagenix will replace the food you are normally eating thus less monthly groceries cost!

Fun Fact: How many times do you eat lunch out or do you pick up that Star Bucks???


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