Confused about all the different types of cleanses out there? The concept of cleansing in general can be completely foreign to many people. Add on conflicting information on the Internet and so many options to choose from and it’s no surprise that there can be misunderstandings about cleansing, how cleansing works, or how to complete a successful cleanse. For health-informed consumers, Isagenix offers a different approach to nutritional cleansing that is supported by clinical studies. A key difference in cleansing with Isagenix is intermittent fasting. The scientifically supported system incorporates intermittent fasting on Cleanse Days and calorie restriction on Shake Days.

The combination of Cleanse and Shake Days is shown to be more effective than traditional dieting for initial weight loss and weight maintenance. When used as directed in our system guidelines, Isagenix products including: Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse, 9 Day Cleanse and Cleanse for Life® as part of Cleanse Days and IsaLean® Shake as part of Shake Days have demonstrated excellent results.

Isagenix Cleanse

If you want to discover why the Isagenix Cleanse is the world’s leading cleansing and fat-burning system, you have come to the right place!

For the past 7 years we’ve helped thousands of people all over lose weight, increase energy levels and improve overall health…, now it’s your turn!

The Isagenix Canada total health and wellness programs (9 or 30 day cleanse) help to support your bodies natural detoxification pathways and infuse it with essential nutrients that get your body back into balance.

How would you like to lose weight, burn fat, increase energy levels, improve your skin, and enjoy a sense of optimum health and wellness…?

People around the world have successfully used these products to improve their health and release excess weight.

Introducing the Isagenix Cleanse Diet

Isagenix has two flagship cleanse systems: the Isagenix 9 Day program and the Isagenix 30 day cleansing system.

The 30 day program is a complete fat-burning and cleansing system designed to target impurities and toxins which may impact health and weight loss efforts.

This comprehensive program provides the body with optimum levels of macro / micro nutrients to encourage peak performance.

The 30 day cleanse is the most popular Isagenix program in Canada; and is, in our opinion, the most effective. It is the cleansing program we recommend to everyone new to cleansing, or serious about loosing or controlling their weight.

What is the Isagenix Cleanse Diet?

Most people start with either the 9 day or 30 day programs (although there are now over 50 different nutritional supplements in the complete range). These are both complete fat-burning and cleanse systems that have been professionally formulated and scientifically tested.

These products contain the finest quality, premium grade natural ingredients, sourced from around the world.

Perhaps you’ve tried a traditional weight loss diet before, and were frustrated with short-term results?

It’s time to take a closer look and find out why nutritional cleanse could be exactly what you’ve been looking for…

Cleansing isn’t new, and people have using herbs and botanicals to rid their bodies of impurities for centuries. However, nutritional cleansing has taken the ancient concept an important step further.

By both targeting impurities and toxins within the body AND replenishing the body with the optimum balance of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other life-giving nutrients, people have been able to achieve incredible results using these safe, gentle but extremely effective products.

Why Do I Need to Cleanse?

We are now surrounded by more chemicals than ever before, eat foods grown in soils depleted of essential minerals, have poor quality diets, and lead busy and stressful lives.

When you combine these factors, it’s no wonder many of us have acidic, toxic bodies which are dragging down energy levels, causing weight problems and potentially affecting our general health.

Although the body is physiologically equipped to process these toxins, it may not be able to cope with the sheer volume of toxins we are exposed to each and every day. Over time, these toxins can build up and remain stagnant. It’s really important to get rid of these impurities and bring the body back into its natural balance.

Nutritional cleansing gets to the heart of the problem, in the way that a traditional diet or single-supplement cleanse just cannot.

Many Benefits to a Nutritional Cleanse

People who have tried nutritional cleansing have reported numerous benefits, including:

  • Able to maintain a desirable, healthy weight
  • Improved digestion
  • More energy
  • Better skin
  • More sleep
  • and more….

As a world leader in nutritional cleansing, Isagenix products are safe, natural and very effective.

Does an Isagenix Cleanse Work?

The short answer is YES! Thousands of our Isagenix customers in Canada have been able to lose weight, improve energy levels and maintain overall health by completing their cleansing diet.

We receive emails and calls from our customers on a regular basis, telling us how impressed they are with the products and easy-to-follow program. Personally, we also experienced amazing results and decided to integrate these products into our lifestyle to create a complete health and wellness solution. We have more energy and feel better than ever before!

Just look at some of the before and after pictures below – there are many more just like these in our Isagenix Testimonials section!


Former Kindergarten Teacher Proves Retirement is Fabulous

Joyce is a wife, mother and a breast cancer survivor. Diagnosed 10 years ago, she underwent surgery and treatment before spending the next two years under the watchful eye of a doctor. 

“That was a big stressor,” admits Joyce, 65, of California. “Every time I went to the doctor I was worried about what else they were going to find.”  But, that elation of finally receiving a clean bill of health quickly turned to yet another worry as her youngest son was deployed to Iraq. Two years later, her oldest son was deployed, too.

“It is difficult to put into words how heavy my heart was every day while they were in harm’s way,” says Joyce. “I appeared cheerful while inside I was dying a little every day.” Thankfully, both of her sons are now home safe, but the stress resulted in extra weight creeping up on Joyce.

“I was ashamed of my body,” shares Joyce. “I used to get undressed in my closet with the lights off just so my husband couldn’t see me.” The time had come to finally focus on herself, after a 31-year-long career and raising her family.

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Joyce B.

Isagenix is the World Leader in Cleansing

You don’t become the world leader in nutritional cleansing overnight.  Yet by using only the highest quality ingredients, advanced scientific testing and superior product formulation, Isagenix has established itself as a respected (and fast-growing) health and wellness company that is improving the lives of many people around the world.

Many doctors and medical professionals use these products, and recommend them to their patients who are struggling to lose weight or take control of their health.

Even best-selling authors Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for a Healthy Soul) and John Gray (Men are From Mars) have put their names to the company and its range of cellular cleansing and nutritional supplements.

Finding the Cleanse Program That’s Right for You

ca-en-30-day-systemThe 30 day cleanse is the most comprehensive program and our recommended choice. Your 30 day program contains everything you need to cleanse your body of impurities, lose excess pounds and restore natural balance.

us-en-9-day-pak-2013-800The Isagenix 9 Day Nutritional Cleanse has five nutritional components of the system help you cleanse while infusing your body with premium nutrients for optimum health and safe weight loss. Stimulant free

All products have been scientifically tested and professionally formulated. You only need to read some of the testimonials on our website to see how successful this gentle, whole body cleanse can be.

Getting the best out of Cleanse Days


Do you want to have better cleanse days or be a better cleanse coach? Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Communication Specialist Lindsay Gnant explains how you can have your best Cleanse Day and how you can help the people you coach to have great Cleanse Days, too. “It’s all about facilitating a great Cleanse Day experience for the people you are coaching,” says Lindsay. Listen in as she offers tips on how you can customize Cleanse Days, both for yourself and for others.

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How to Use Isagenix Cleanse for Life

Cleanse for Life is available in both a liquid concentrate and powder form. It’s consumed either as a concentrated shot or diluted with water. Additionally, it can be served chilled, poured over ice, or mixed with hot (but not boiling) water to be enjoyed as a hot tea.

The product can be taken every day for daily antioxidant and detoxification support or on Cleanse Days.

Cleanse for Life (US/EN)

Daily Cleansing – As a daily supplement, directions for taking Cleanse for Life are to consume one to two fluid ounces or one scoop up to twice daily. There’s no wrong time to take Cleanse for Life. However, while it’s not so important when the product is taken, some report better results when taking a daily dose before they go to bed.

Deep Cleansing – Double the daily serving (four liquid ounces or two scoops) and take four times spread throughout the day. The four servings of Cleanse for Life on a Cleanse Day are designed to be accompanied by up to six Isagenix Snacks™ per day and plenty of water. Other optional Cleanse Day support products include taking one Natural Accelerator™ capsule twice daily, one to two IsaFlush® capsules, up to two IsaDelight® chocolates, up to two e+™ shots, Ionix® Supreme, t+ Chai, or up to four cups of black Isagenix Coffee.

Cleanse Day routines can vary among different participants, depending on individual goals. Some cleansers may also need to modify dietary intake on a Cleanse Day so that it includes more than suggested guidelines call for to support blood sugar control depending on their situation.

Those seeking weight loss can often find Cleanse Days intimidating or requiring quite a lot of effort. New cleansers are encouraged to take it easy—not immediately jumping into performing full Cleanse Days or two consecutive days of Deep Cleansing. Starting out with Shake Days allows for a more gradual reduction in calorie intake. Some may wish to attempt half a Cleanse Day before working up to a full Cleanse Day.

No Juices, Laxatives, or Diuretics

A common concern about cleansing is the involvement of either drastic starvation plans, use of sugary juices, or use of dangerous ingredients that act as laxatives and diuretics. There are no laxatives or diuretics in Cleanse for Life. Unlike other cleanses, the Isagenix System includes cleansing that is clinically shown to be effective and safe.

With the right preparation and a little self-motivation, participants are often pleasantly surprised at how effortless Cleanse Days can be. After seeing and feeling the results in the form of consistent weight loss and improved health, they may also find that Cleanse Days become the favorite part of their week.

Have more questions or need help? Contact us below and we will get right back to you!