Amazing Life

Time is going so fast; and now amazingly, we are almost into September. We wanted to say hi and let you know what we have been doing for the past year. 

Many know that we have finally retired from the Canadian Corporate world. Thankfully we had a Plan B all these years and knew that eventually, we needed to slow down.

I’m sure most of you know we have been working on creating residual income.  If not, let me share what our last 10.5 years have looked like.
We had a dream 14 years ago to open a beautiful restaurant that in the end, cost us over $900,000 to get started. It put us in debt and created a lifestyle of stress and unhealthy living. 10.5 years ago, we were introduced to some incredible alkaline superfoods that we started using to try and get healthy. We both started to feel better, and our friends and family started to take notice. We began to share those same products and got paid on our referrals, crazy right?! In the last 10.5 years working only part-time, we had earned multiple six figures a year income, over $$$2,000,000$$$ over the previous 10.5 years.

Now I’m no dummy, but I know working 14 hour days in our restaurant would take me a lifetime to earn anywhere near that amount, let alone working part-time.

So many of us are looking to get healthy and earn some extra money. Whether it’s for a car payment, sports, our kids or to replace your income you decide. But if you’re interested in a change, we would love to talk. Or maybe you want a fantastic product to create a healthy lifestyle and not have to pay for them, that’s great too. Whatever your goals are, we wanted to reach out and say hi, and let you know we are here when you are ready!

If you like to know more please contact us, we would be happy to chat and help with any questions you might have.